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Heartland Dairy @ the Heartland Community
6417 Shelby 150, Ste A
Visitors are welcome to watch the cow carousel milking process at the Heartland Dairy through our viewing windows. Beginning with less than 3000 acres 40 years ago, the farm has grown to almost 17,000 acres. Corn, soybeans, wheat, alfalfa, dairy cows, beef cattle and horses are grown and raised on the farm. Heartland ranks as Missouri’s largest dairy, providing milk for our Creamery’s cheese making, as well as other distributors. The cow dairy has a herd of 9000, and milks over 3400 cows three times a day. The Goat Dairy’s herd of 2000 plus goats are milked morning and evening, producing a herd average of three quarts of milk daily.