Scenic Parks and Sites Along Missouri Highway 36


Enjoy a scenic drive along HWY 36 during Spring or Fall

While every season has its own beauty, fall and spring off an array of colors and pleasant weather that makes them especially desirable. If you are making the journey along Highway 36, don’t forget to stop at some of these beautiful State Parks and Conservation Areas.

Mark Twain Lake & Mark Twain State Park

The beautiful 18,600 acre lake surrounded by 45,000 acres of woodlands is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. This large multi-purpose is ideal for kayaking, biking, camping, hunting, fishing and boating. Geocaching at Mark Twain Lake is also a great pastime for families looking for ways for the kids to burn off steam.

Union Creek Covered Bridge and Locust Creek Covered Bridge

Union Creek covered bridge is one of the few examples of a Burr-arch covered bridge and is a lovely place to take pictures. The bridge served travelers through Monroe County for 99 years. A bit farther to the west, Locust Creek Covered Bridge, built in 1868, became a link in one of the nation’s earliest transcontinental railroads. It is also the longest of Missouri’s 4 remaining covered bridges.

Lewis and Clark State Park

The lake that is now in Lewis and Clark Lake was described during the 1804 Expedition as “full of geese and goslings” by William Clark. Visitors to the lake and surrounding Lewis and Clark State Park come to watch geese, great blue herons, eagles, swans and snowy egrets. Birders can enjoy a variety of birds throughout the seasons.

Enjoy the Outdoors

This is just a sample of the many State Parks and Conservation Areas along the scenic way of American Genius. Adding a park or historic site to your trip will be a scenic and memorable stop along your journey of American Genius.