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missouri highway 36

bike routes  [ disclaimer ]

Mark Twain.  Pony Express.  Sliced Bread.  Walt Disney.  These innovators and innovations are some of the most famous in our nation’s history and have set the standard for genius.  When cycling or biking along Highway 36 you will enjoy natural, cultural, and historic sites, enjoy scenic farms, charming small towns, and museums; Discover those individuals and ideas that have uniquely defined and influenced the American culture, and character. So open your mind to the genius that lies before you.  Welcome to Missouri’s US Highway 36 - “The Way of American Genius.”  We hope your enjoy your ride!

The route follows either very low traffic county and state roads parallel to Highway 36, or the main Highway 36 roadway itself.  There is generally no shoulder on those secondary roads but also very little traffic.  There are rolling hills throughout the route, but no particularly steep extended climbs.   Highway 36, a divided four-lane highway, is also relatively quiet and offers a broad shoulder good for riding pretty much the entire way along the three or four approximately 20-mile segments that are actually on the main route.  However, cyclists will encounter three bridges along the portion of the route that uses Highway 36 where the shoulder narrows. But we did not find that to be too challenging.  And astonishing to me in a good way was the fact that the motorists using Highway 36 were almost without exception quick to move over to the far lane when they saw us on the shoulder, giving us that much more room.

Disclaimer: The activity of bicycle riding has inherent hazards that can result in rider injury or death and cause the injury or death of others as well as damage to the rider’s personal property and the property of others.  Persons using the route suggestions and/or downloading the maps posted here acknowledge that assumption of risk and also further acknowledge by such use or reference of these route suggestions that no liability is assumed by the creator of these maps and/or the entities, individually or collectively, of the Route 36 Heritage Alliance and their agents, officers and employees (collectively referred to as “Producers”) and that participants in cycling along the Highway 36 corridor release the Producers from all liability, claims, demands, losses or damages and further agree that if, despite this release and waver of liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement, users (or anyone acting on their behalf), make a claim against any of the above referenced people or organizations, that the Producers will be indemnified, saved and held harmless from any litigation expenses, attorney fees, loss, liability, damage, or cost which any may incur as the result of such claim.

East to West Routes

1 - Hannibal to Macon / 73 miles
[ download pdf ]

2a - Macon to Chillicothe w/ North Loop (through Brookfield & Laclede) / 88 miles
[ download pdf ]

2b - Macon to Chillicothe / 79 miles
[ download pdf ]

3 - Chillicothe to St. Joseph / 84  miles
[ download pdf ]

West to East Routes

1 - St. Joseph to Chillicothe / 84 miles
[ download pdf ]

2a - Chillicothe to Macon / 79 miles
[ download pdf ]

2b - Chillicothe to Macon w/ North Loop (through Brookfield & Laclede) / 88 miles
[ download pdf ]

3 - Macon to Hannibal / 73 miles  [ download pdf ]

North Spur

1 - Kirksville to Callao / 34 miles  [ download pdf ]


The Comfort Inn in Macon & Chillicothe (Missouri) is offering an $80 + tax room rate when you travel Highway 36 via bike! 
When you call for reservations just mention "Cyclists" and we will take care of rest!

Macon Comfort Inn:
(660) 395-8000

Chillicothe Comfort Inn: 
(660) 646-9900

For a list of amenities & room types, please click on the following links:
Macon Comfort Inn
Chillicothe Comfort Inn

NOTE:  Some dates are considered blackout dates  for this rate. 






Missouri Highway 36 Heritage Alliance
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